The Plugins Menu allows to install and run custom plugins (based on Python scripts) in Pixyz Studio.

Menu option


Keyboard Shortcut

Plugin Editor

Open the Plugin Editor as a dockable panel, from you can create, edit and run plugins

Create a New Plugin

Creates a new plugin, made of a Python script (including a main function that needs to be edited according the user's Data Preparation scenario), and an XML file

Install a Published Plugin

Opens a dialog box to install a Published plugin (binarized *.pxzext files), to then run it in Pixyz Studio

Manage Plugins

Opens the "Manage Plugins" window, used to manage all the plugins installed on the computer

Reload Plugins

Reloads all plugins to save potential changes. This action is automatically done when restarting the program

NOTE                When reloading plugins, all installed plugins are reloaded, which can take some time. Reloading plugins is automatically done when restarting the program

Installed Plugins

The last section of the menu lists all the plugins installed on the PC that were found and loaded by Pixyz Studio

NOTE                By default, one plugin is installed with Pixyz Studio, and is located in the "Locked Plugins" category, as it cannot be edited

Refer to the following topics to learn more about plugins in Pixyz Studio: